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Complete Services from Tommy Tyres in Liverpool

At Tommy Tyres, we deliver professional services throughout Liverpool and Merseyside, where our business enjoys a fantastic local reputation amongst domestic, trade and fleet customers. Our impressive stock range is just one small part of a larger operation that delivers professional tyre fitting, MOT testing and wheel alignment and balancing to the people of Liverpool.

Our Liverpool Tyre Suppliers’ Service Range

Wheel Alignment & Balancing – Your welfare is always of the utmost importance and at Tommy Tyres, we have the facilities, the equipment and the personnel to keep your vehicle in a safe, roadworthy condition at all times. We provide wheel balancing and wheel alignment in Liverpool as part of our professional service range.


Wheel alignment ensures that your suspension and wheels are focused straight ahead and are not slightly crooked, while wheel balancing ensures that your wheels’ weight is evenly distributed across your vehicle’s axel. Poorly balanced and aligned wheels can make a car uncomfortable and inefficient to drive, and lead to increased wear and tear on your tyres.


Puncture Repairs – If you have suffered a puncture while driving around Liverpool, you may not have to buy new tyres, depending on the severity of the puncture. There is a good chance that our tyre fitters will be able to patch the afflicted tyre up. This is typically a temporary solution, and we would recommend that, in the long-run, you considering buying new tyres.

MOT Testing – Is it time for your car to undergo MOT testing? Bring it in to us! We will conduct fast, efficient and affordable MOT testing to ensure your vehicle is road legal. If for any reason your vehicle fails the MOT test, we will recommend you the best way to ensure you pass the next time round. We have strong links with a number of reputable garages around Liverpool, so if for any reason we cannot conduct necessary repairs ourselves – we can ensure you get them from qualified specialists.


New Tyres Fitted – With Tommy Tyres, quality always matters and that why we’re proud to be one of the Liverpool area’s premier suppliers of Michelin tyres. However, we understand that some clients prefer a more affordable option, so we always have a great range of safe, low-cost economy tyres available for those on a tighter budget.

Our Liverpool tyre suppliers stock an outstanding choice of branded, discounted and economy products available directly from the shelves of our fully equipped workshop. By having the tyres you need on-site, from 4x4 tyres to Michelin tyres, we deliver faster turnaround times so that you’re never off the road for a moment longer than you need to be.


Free Tyre Checks – Think there might be something wrong with your tyres? Bring your vehicle into Tommy Tyres and we’ll carry out a free check to ensure everything is functioning as it should be. If there are any causes for concern, we will recommend a solution – new tyres or wheel balancing, for example.

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